Otis School District R-3

Request for Proposals – Sidewalk Repair for Otis School District R-3

Otis School District R-3 is requesting proposals from interested organizations or individuals to remove & replace a section of sidewalk near our Pre-School Entrance. The new sidewalk shall be ADA compliant & will include drainage piping installed under the sidewalk, a curb or “bull rail”, and a handrail.

The Section being replaced is approximately 25’ x 5’. Organizations or individuals submitting a proposal are responsible for their own measurements.

The Board of Education for the District will be responsible for the evaluation of any and all proposals from interested organizations or individuals to complete the scope of work.  Interested firms/individuals shall provide a proposal to the School District Maintenance Department on or before 4:00 pm on August 3rd 2021.  The proposal shall include a basic description of the proposer’s services, method and amount of compensation, and terms and conditions of the contractual arrangement proposed with the District. 

The District will provide access to any proposer desiring to review the project prior to writing their proposal.  Access to the project area can be arranged by contacting the District at 970-246-3486 x160 or 970-520-7479. The contact person for the District is Jeff Jones. More information about this process is available by contacting the School as described above.

The District reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposals based solely on the District’s discretion. The District will select the firm/individual deemed to be the best choice for this opportunity, as determined by Otis School District R-3 in its sole discretion.